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I have an admission to make, which is that I find I don’t always have the right words to express myself.  Photography has singlehandedly contributed to my ability to communicate with others because I can show people what I mean instead of trying to find the feeling in language.  So, you could say that photography is kind of like my superpower, really.  My photos bring me into a realm of communication that bypasses the spoken word.  Also, I can fly.  But that’s totally a secret.


My first camera was a Pentax K1000—all metal, all manual, all the time.  I had to keep the lens cap on the lens so as not to drain the battery.  It was stressful.  Nowadays, I still prefer simplicity.  

The first photo I ever developed myself was back in the Pentax days.  I developed the photo in my bathtub.  I was 12.  It was a photo of a boyfriend.  That’s all I’m gonna say about that.  Now my favorite subjects include anything I’ve never seen before, anything I hope to look at again in 50 years, and anything I want to pass on to my two boys.  If I’m lucky (and I’m usually pretty lucky), all of these bases are covered in a single shot.


thank you.